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Hi, i'm Brian and i'd love to film your wedding day!

When I was 10 years old, I filmed my grandparents wedding day on an old Super 8mm camera, and I have been making wedding videos ever since.

Okay, that's not true, but if I've learned anything from the X-Factor, it's that you have to have an emotional back story.

Why should you choose me to film your day?

Well firstly, I always treat every single couple's day as if it were my own.

I don't mean that I put on a white dress and make a speech to your friends and family, I  mean that I put my heart and soul into filming everything with as much love and care as you guys have put into your big day.

I hope that shows in my videos, so check out some of my work below.

Brian x


Featured Videos

Chris + Krystina

Welcome to the rest of your life x

Mandy + Moray

They really have been the best 4 years of my life x

Alice + Adam

She gives me confidence, when I find life hard.



Every wedding is different, but our passion is always the same.

April to October £1200

November to March £1000

Wee Wedding (Half day) £600

You invest in us, so we invest in you.

Our videos are unique, and so are you.

You see what makes our videos different, and we see what makes you different.

You all share one thing in common, in that you are special to us.



"I ams whats I ams" - Popeye

Short and Sweet? So i've been told!

A few facts about me:

 I won The Chase on ITV a few years back.

I am very good at hiding my bald patch.


I was voted one of the top ten wedding videographers in Scotland by my mum.

I have excellent taste in trousers.

Where do we cover?

How far will we go?

Aberdeen, Dumfries & Galloway, Edinburgh, Glasgow

- we go all the way!




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