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Thankyou! I'll be in touch soon... Brian :)

Brian Scott Wedding Videographer Glasgow

About me

Hi, I'm Brian and I'd love to film your wedding day!

When I was 10 years old, I filmed my grandparents wedding day with an old Super 8mm film camera, and I have been making wedding videos ever since.

Okay, that's not actually true, I just made it up but it sounded cool!

(If I've learned anything from watching the X-Factor, it's that you always have to have a backstory)

Why should you choose me to film your day? Well firstly, I always treat every single couple's day as if it were my own.

I don't mean that I put on a white dress and make a speech to your friends and family, I just mean that I put my heart and soul into capturing everything with as much love and care as you guys have already put into organising your amazing day.

We try to show your day in a way that lets everyone see just how beautiful, how much fun and how special your wedding was! We hope that shows in our videos, so check out some of our work below.

Brian x



Featured Videos

I have lots more videos... click here to see them all!

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