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Can I switch my date due to Covid?

Since the beginning of lockdown, over 40 of my amazing couples have had to rearrange their big day due to the Covid restrictions. These rearrangements have been varied, from postponements, downsizing the wedding, changing the venue, losing their preferred suppliers, (Fortunately, no one has changed their partners just yet!) and so I have been trying to be as flexible as a Russian gymnast to accomodate all my beautiful wedding peeps. And with my old back, that's some feat! :)

I am more than happy to rearrange to your new dates if you do have to postpone, all I need is a further 25% payment of your outstanding balance to lock in the new date. This is only to cover the fact that if your wedding doesn't eventually go ahead for any other reason, I won't be losing out on £2400! (2 dates at £1200 per date, and insurance companies aren't covering us for switched dates at the moment!) That's a lot of takeaways my fat belly will miss out on, so the 25% installment will keep me from having a nursery rhyme written about me. (Old Mother Hubbard Part 2!)

If you guys have any questions at all about postponing, please get in touch! Love and kisses etc xxx

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